confusion abounds

it’s probably hard to tell, but i love blogging. part of the problem is, i’m lazy. lol. i spend all day at work on the computer, and when i get home, i’m not really into getting back on the computer. that means, hardly any personal use. maybe because i have a laptop, and i can just push it to the side or put it in the case or lose it under some books,  i’m not really diligent. i’m thinking my next comp will be a desktop. you know, more in your face and all that. lol. or maybe i can just take that stack of books (and notebooks, and journals, and shoe boxes – don’t ask) off of my desk and set up the other laptop to be used as a desktop.

anyway, i digress. i downloaded wordpress for blackberry to help with this problem, because i’m ALWAYS on my phone. i have definitely used it to take pictures and draft blogs, and when i got home, i would finish them, but somewhere along the way, i got lost. lol. i just looked at my phone, and i have like 4 drafts in queue, but there’s only titles. no actual post, and i have no clue what i was thinking of writing. this makes me sad, and completely confused.

just expect a crap load of blogs to be popping up randomly… don’t be mad. you’ve been warned. *smile*

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andrea lashes winnings!

so, this isn’t the best picture i’ve taken, but lol, you get the drift.

i mentioned earlier that i recently won two contests on twitter, and i never got to post about them before the internet went funky on me. i thought about doing the post from my bb, but the one post i did finish killed my wrists, so i knew any more writing was out of the question. anyway, back to andrea lashes. i don’t remember exactly what the contest was, i think it was a simple “retweet this to win,” and i retweeted and won. lol. i was excited to win because i was going to a birthday party on friday night, and my birthday was saturday, and i was going out on a date after church on sunday and i was on vacation on monday. clearly, a weekend full of not being home and getting glam. i had a convo with @andrealashes on twitter, and as promised, my gift was shipped, and arrived at my house in time for this whirlwind 4 days.

there were a ton of eye make-up remover swabs (which have already proven themselves to be lifesavers), two packs of full lash strips, two packs of accents, lash adhesive and eye make-up remover pads. it was great. what i didn’t expect, was for my booty to be pilfered by my aunt.

her birthday was the day before, and she just happened to be at my house when i opened the package. i ended up giving her one box of the strip lashes, the adhesive (because i already have 3, lol) and one box of the make-up remover swabs. she was happy, and that meant i didn’t have to get her a card, so i was happy. of course, when she decides to wear the lashes she’ll come over here for me to put them on her, but that’s just how it goes…

i love my lashes, and because they’re reusable, i’m sure they will be put to good use. i wore them my entire birthday weekend, but somehow i don’t have any pictures. next time i’ll make a better effort. promise.

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for some reason, the internet connection at my house is not working… NONE of the 4 computers that are here will load a webpage. it’s clearly the modem, but according to the computers, the connection is “very good.” this my friends is making me, “very mad.” i’ve disconnected everything at least 5 times. i’ve turned the modem on and off. i’ve even unplugged it completely. *sigh* i don’t know what to do…

anyway, that’s why there have been no new posts in a while, and i have a ton of stuff to talk about, like jon’s celebrity sighting, to my andrea lashes twitter contest gift to my 3 day birthday celebration to my finally using the mac studio fix + i bought a couple of months ago… not to mention my fabulous birthday mani/pedi…

hopefully this will all be corrected by the time i get home from running errands… did i forget to mention i’m off today? yeah, let me go enjoy.

toodles =o)

p.s. i posted this from wordpress for bb. pretty neat, but not good enough for all i have to say. lol. my wrists are killing me…

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mani/pedi 8.5.10

i got my weekly manicure a few days early this week because i’m going to a birthday party tonight. actually, i should be en route right now, but jonny got caught up and is running late. no biggie, because that means i get to blog. lol.

the plan was to wear this dress we ordered from new york & co. on saturday, but it didn’t get here yet. usually things i order come within 2-3 days, but this time, no such luck. the dress color is a weird green, i forget the name they gave it, but in my mind it should have been called “not quite army green.” i actually have the perfect shoes for it though. they’re by unlisted. peep toe, bronze heel and trim, striped fabric with orange, that odd green, beige and brown.

initially, i was going to wear my ginger + liz going back to cali this weekend, but because of the dress color, and the shoes, i decided on opi‘s fiercely fiona. i like it. it looks yellow in some light, greenish at other times, and i like that about it. 

like i said before, the dress didn’t come, lol. so i had to plan b it, and wear the black dress with a huge pink flower on it that jon took to the cleaners in anticipation of a situation. (i hate when he’s right, anyway.)  i actually love this dress, AND i saw a lady on Wendy that wore it while doing the intro for her. (she wore a belt, which i thought was lame, but the dress is great, AND it was priced to sell, like $25 at macy’s. whoot!)

the outfit and polish work fine though. the new dilemma is what to wear and what color to choose for my birthday. i’m almost certain the dress will be here today, so maybe i just keep the current color for the friday festivities and wear it. then get a fresh mani/pedi for my birthday. ooorrrrr, i could just ride this out. lol. i have a brown and white dress i can wear on sunday, that’s date night with the bf, and sure to be exciting. i have no clue what’s planned except for monday, which is my favorite thing to do in the summer: going to the beach! i think that might be the plan… sounds good to me, and i don’t really feel like doing another pedi or getting a color change since i just got this one. i like to keep a color on my toes at least two weeks because i like to get used to it. plus, fiercely fiona reminds me of peridot, my birthstone.

ok, time to go, the jonny is here, and we have some partying to do.


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walgreens trek

we had to take lunch early yesterday because the system was going down, and i just wasn’t hungry that early. i definitely didn’t want to say inside for the hour, so i decided to hit the local walgreens. i usually go duane reade (because it’s across the street) or cvs (because it’s down the block), but surprisingly, neither one of them had what i wanted. we all know i’ll go to the ends of the earth to find what i want, especially if it’s makeup or hair products, but the only other place near my job is walgreens…so off i went.    

nothing is actually far, but when you consider city blocks, 4 is a lot, especially in this heat. i decided to cave in and get the headbands with the elastic in the back that keep them tight to your head. i’ve been trying not to do much in the nape (aka kitchen) because the hair back there breaks off so easily. when i twist, it’s not tight. when i put it up, i don’t pull. when i pin it, i use a light touch. my efforts have paid off, because it’s growing nicely, and hasn’t gotten damaged, well, any more damaged than it already is…    

back to the caving. i wanted a headband that would fit right. i couldn’t take the slide on one that i have. it doesn’t fit right and even though it says there’s “no pain” it still put pressure on the dome. anyway, so i make this trip; walk this four blocks in this humid weather to the walgreens, and head straight to the “hair accessories” aisle. i found the headbands right away, and they were priced to sell, lol. 3 for $5.99. not bad considering 1 from a better known brand was $7.99. i stayed a little longer in the aisle, because i wasn’t quite sure about the purchase i was about to make, and thank goodness i did.    

a few years ago, when i went natural the first time. i found these GREAT clips in h&m. they were huge, and held back a good amount of hair without pulling. i got them in black and brown. i used them so much, the paint on the black ones started flaking off and looking pretty terrible. the brown ones had a plastic overlay, and recently one of the pair broke, and with that so did my heart. lol. there was no way that i could find more, and they were so wonderful.    

my eyes caught some clips on a rack all alone. i snatched them up, because they were big, bigger than my h&m ones, and there were four of them, leopard spots in bronze and black, tiger stripes in gold and black, silver and black. i kept looking until i found more, and even though i was annoyed that they were $3.99 each, i bought another pack, because what good is one when you can have two?    

my new clips


i know the clips will be put to good use, but i’m not so sure about the headbands. i tried one on when i got back to my job, and it was loose. my boyfriend always makes fun of me, and says i have a big head, but for the elastic to be loose, they must have sized them on someone with a head that’s ginormous. i twisted the back up so it would be a little tighter, but i felt so much anxiety about pulling my hair out, i just took it off. lol.    

there’s gotta be a better way…

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christian dior…even their renovations are haute couture


so, on the express bus headed home, i pass the christian dior store on 57th street. i happened to be awake this time (the express bus is the BEST when you need a nap, even when you don’t) and looked up to see a GIGANTIC dior purse.

it was a quilted teal lady dior, complete with the CD hangtag. from what i could tell, painted on the front was the usual “please excuse our appearance” that stores use to apologize to their customers and neighbors during times of renovation, but that masterpiece requires no apology.

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annnnnnddddd, the winner is…

so, my first ever poll seems to have gone off well. my goal for the next poll is to suppress the results, so the next post will be a big reveal. as you can see from the picture and the poll, opi’s funky dunkey won. it’s a creamy dark purple, grapey and smooth. it’s unlike anything i’ve worn before.  i’m used to sexy divide, a dark purple with a lot of shimmer, by essie and the lavender in opi’s shrek  collection, rumple’s wiggin’.

i’m thinking about making “you decide” a monthly thing. i won’t bore you with yet another poll to find out if you’re interested though, lol. if i do decide to do it, and you guys participate, i know the idea was a hit.

anyway, gotta go, time for the bbq.

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