for some reason, the internet connection at my house is not working… NONE of the 4 computers that are here will load a webpage. it’s clearly the modem, but according to the computers, the connection is “very good.” this my friends is making me, “very mad.” i’ve disconnected everything at least 5 times. i’ve turned the modem on and off. i’ve even unplugged it completely. *sigh* i don’t know what to do…

anyway, that’s why there have been no new posts in a while, and i have a ton of stuff to talk about, like jon’s celebrity sighting, to my andrea lashes twitter contest gift to my 3 day birthday celebration to my finally using the mac studio fix + i bought a couple of months ago… not to mention my fabulous birthday mani/pedi…

hopefully this will all be corrected by the time i get home from running errands… did i forget to mention i’m off today? yeah, let me go enjoy.

toodles =o)

p.s. i posted this from wordpress for bb. pretty neat, but not good enough for all i have to say. lol. my wrists are killing me…


About miss davis

working toward being a better me, living life, and loving that "anything can be." "and will you succeed? yes indeed, yes indeed! ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed." -seuss
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