what to do?


so, a couple of weeks ago, the polish i chose for my mani was going back to cali by the ginger + liz colour collection. i only had it on my nails, because i wasnt’ quite ready for a neon glow from head to toe, but it will be back in full effect the first week in august so i can see it in action under a black light.

for my pedi, the shop owner chose a lovely, and complementary color by essie called expose your toes ironically enough. i liked it so much, and kept my toes the same for the second week, so the same polish got some play on my hands. it’s an opaque baby pink with the faintest shimmer imaginable.

this issue is, what color should i choose for my mani/pedi this week? a friend suggested fiercely fiona and that is one of the six colors from opi’s shrek collection. she said she wore it a few weeks ago and got nothing but compliments from everyone. i also own funky dunkey from that collection, and i’ve never tried it. the other option for “polishes i own but haven’t tried” is he’s so into me from ginger + liz.

i don’t know what to try, and i’m not fully invested, because, like i said earlier, next week it’s all going bye bye, so, i’m asking you all (hopefully a couple of people out there in the blogosphere read, and actually respond) which color should i choose? i’m also accepting write-ins. the polls close on 9am saturday morning. i have an early appointment because i’m heading out to a bbq in the afternoon.




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One Response to what to do?

  1. MiiSS kECiia says:

    that color is HOT! i might have to give Ginger + Liz a try… i love nail polish

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