not so much

so, this blog is titled the glamorous life, i get that, and everyday, i try a little harder than the next to maintain the feeling that i’m living the glamorous life (a la sheila e.) but, today is not one of those days.

i think i’ve mentioned it before, but lately i’ve been dealing with some skin issues. i know, i know, for someone that likes and wears makeup, the foundation of all of that is a good canvas, which would be my skin. well, the combination of excess hair on my face, not sticking to my cleansing routine and stress has definately done some damage. there are marks like polka dots on the sides of my face where the break outs were. before i took the weave out (please don’t be shocked. lol. if you know me, you know i like to switch it up, and my natural hair is neither jet black nor straight…) the hair constantly touching my face caused the breakouts, but it also hid them. now, that my hair is shorter and up all the time, the aftermath is out in the open, for all to see, only when i don’t wear makeup, which is why i’ve been wearing makeup everyday.

well, today, i couldn’t do it. coupled with the fact that my bus schedule changed, and that 5 minutes does really make a huge difference, and the fact that i just didn’t even have the energy to care this morning, i skipped putting on makeup altogether.

it’s actually not so bad. i know the dark marks are noticable, but they’re not jumping up and down demanding attention from anyone. my only real issue is this little (i.e. bigger than life to me) scabby thing on my chin. i exfoliated a little too hard the other night, and , voila, created a new spot to be annoyed with.

all in all, i’m okay with not being perfect, today. lol.


About miss davis

working toward being a better me, living life, and loving that "anything can be." "and will you succeed? yes indeed, yes indeed! ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed." -seuss
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