it’s funny

you all need to read this. the author is a makeup artist i follow on twitter, marie. it’s her commentary about a conversation she read on twitter between emmy award-winning makeup artist, kevin james bennett, and a gentleman that approached him about makeup, and how it is damaging to a woman’s self-worth.

i was amused because i read it literally minutes after i wrote my post about how i was being hard on myself regarding my skin and that my makeup actually made me feel better, here this random, male tweeter said my even wearing makeup means i feel bad about myself.

i loved marie’s response to this man and his idea. i liked it so much, i decided to post a comment, which i rarely do, and write this blog to thank her for sticking up for us makeup lovers out there.

here’s the comment i left:

today, before i clicked your link, i posted on my makeip blog how i had gotten so used to wearing makeup, even light makeup, daily, that i felt a little odd going into work with a bare face. i only felt odd because i’m used to my skin being clear, and lately, it hadn’t been. i said all that to say, that it took me going through the day without makeup to realize that i was blowing the current issue with my skin out of proportion. 1. because it’s not like i was wearing full coverage makeup, and 2. no one is perfect, and what looks like a huge mark to me is barely noticeable to someone else. like you said, i like makeup, love it actually, and i quite possibly am addicted to it, but it doesn’t make me or break me. i can take it or leave it. wanting to wear it and enhance the features God gave me doesn’t make me a bad person, or any less aware of my self-worth that someone who prefers a bare face. the gentleman that decided to comment about self-esteem issues completely failed to consider that even women who don’t wear makeup battle those. it’s just amazing to me in general that he could profess to know so much about women. our experience as women is so completely different from theirs as man than any of us could pretend to comprehend.

i love me, lip gloss, lashes and all. he should too…


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working toward being a better me, living life, and loving that "anything can be." "and will you succeed? yes indeed, yes indeed! ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed." -seuss
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