annnnnnddddd, the winner is…

so, my first ever poll seems to have gone off well. my goal for the next poll is to suppress the results, so the next post will be a big reveal. as you can see from the picture and the poll, opi’s funky dunkey won. it’s a creamy dark purple, grapey and smooth. it’s unlike anything i’ve worn before.  i’m used to sexy divide, a dark purple with a lot of shimmer, by essie and the lavender in opi’s shrek  collection, rumple’s wiggin’.

i’m thinking about making “you decide” a monthly thing. i won’t bore you with yet another poll to find out if you’re interested though, lol. if i do decide to do it, and you guys participate, i know the idea was a hit.

anyway, gotta go, time for the bbq.


About miss davis

working toward being a better me, living life, and loving that "anything can be." "and will you succeed? yes indeed, yes indeed! ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed." -seuss
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