what to do?


so, a couple of weeks ago, the polish i chose for my mani was going back to cali by the ginger + liz colour collection. i only had it on my nails, because i wasnt’ quite ready for a neon glow from head to toe, but it will be back in full effect the first week in august so i can see it in action under a black light.

for my pedi, the shop owner chose a lovely, and complementary color by essie called expose your toes ironically enough. i liked it so much, and kept my toes the same for the second week, so the same polish got some play on my hands. it’s an opaque baby pink with the faintest shimmer imaginable.

this issue is, what color should i choose for my mani/pedi this week? a friend suggested fiercely fiona and that is one of the six colors from opi’s shrek collection. she said she wore it a few weeks ago and got nothing but compliments from everyone. i also own funky dunkey from that collection, and i’ve never tried it. the other option for “polishes i own but haven’t tried” is he’s so into me from ginger + liz.

i don’t know what to try, and i’m not fully invested, because, like i said earlier, next week it’s all going bye bye, so, i’m asking you all (hopefully a couple of people out there in the blogosphere read, and actually respond) which color should i choose? i’m also accepting write-ins. the polls close on 9am saturday morning. i have an early appointment because i’m heading out to a bbq in the afternoon.



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it’s funny

you all need to read this. the author is a makeup artist i follow on twitter, marie. it’s her commentary about a conversation she read on twitter between emmy award-winning makeup artist, kevin james bennett, and a gentleman that approached him about makeup, and how it is damaging to a woman’s self-worth.

i was amused because i read it literally minutes after i wrote my post about how i was being hard on myself regarding my skin and that my makeup actually made me feel better, here this random, male tweeter said my even wearing makeup means i feel bad about myself.

i loved marie’s response to this man and his idea. i liked it so much, i decided to post a comment, which i rarely do, and write this blog to thank her for sticking up for us makeup lovers out there.

here’s the comment i left:

today, before i clicked your link, i posted on my makeip blog how i had gotten so used to wearing makeup, even light makeup, daily, that i felt a little odd going into work with a bare face. i only felt odd because i’m used to my skin being clear, and lately, it hadn’t been. i said all that to say, that it took me going through the day without makeup to realize that i was blowing the current issue with my skin out of proportion. 1. because it’s not like i was wearing full coverage makeup, and 2. no one is perfect, and what looks like a huge mark to me is barely noticeable to someone else. like you said, i like makeup, love it actually, and i quite possibly am addicted to it, but it doesn’t make me or break me. i can take it or leave it. wanting to wear it and enhance the features God gave me doesn’t make me a bad person, or any less aware of my self-worth that someone who prefers a bare face. the gentleman that decided to comment about self-esteem issues completely failed to consider that even women who don’t wear makeup battle those. it’s just amazing to me in general that he could profess to know so much about women. our experience as women is so completely different from theirs as man than any of us could pretend to comprehend.

i love me, lip gloss, lashes and all. he should too…

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not so much

so, this blog is titled the glamorous life, i get that, and everyday, i try a little harder than the next to maintain the feeling that i’m living the glamorous life (a la sheila e.) but, today is not one of those days.

i think i’ve mentioned it before, but lately i’ve been dealing with some skin issues. i know, i know, for someone that likes and wears makeup, the foundation of all of that is a good canvas, which would be my skin. well, the combination of excess hair on my face, not sticking to my cleansing routine and stress has definately done some damage. there are marks like polka dots on the sides of my face where the break outs were. before i took the weave out (please don’t be shocked. lol. if you know me, you know i like to switch it up, and my natural hair is neither jet black nor straight…) the hair constantly touching my face caused the breakouts, but it also hid them. now, that my hair is shorter and up all the time, the aftermath is out in the open, for all to see, only when i don’t wear makeup, which is why i’ve been wearing makeup everyday.

well, today, i couldn’t do it. coupled with the fact that my bus schedule changed, and that 5 minutes does really make a huge difference, and the fact that i just didn’t even have the energy to care this morning, i skipped putting on makeup altogether.

it’s actually not so bad. i know the dark marks are noticable, but they’re not jumping up and down demanding attention from anyone. my only real issue is this little (i.e. bigger than life to me) scabby thing on my chin. i exfoliated a little too hard the other night, and , voila, created a new spot to be annoyed with.

all in all, i’m okay with not being perfect, today. lol.

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i think

i have an unhealthy obsession with makeup. well, maybe it’s not so unhealthy, because it definitely can turn my frown upside down.

on the friday before memorial day, i was hoping to get out of work early, but that, was a no go. lol. apparently, they thought the monday off was enough time. anyway, during the day i had gotten an email from mac introducing their new opulash mascara.

the best thing about opulash is the brush. it’s amazing. it’s big, and the bristles are thick and close together.

when i tell you that email made my day, you have no idea! i decided to make a bee line to the mac store in grand central station at 4pm on the dot and not look back until tuesday morning.

i got the mascara, and a lovely lip gloss, called flurry of fun from their “to the beach” collection. both were immediately placed in regular rotation, a.k.a right in the makeup bag that i cleaned out a few months ago.

love, love, love. i should do my face, and post a pic. just not right now, lol, maybe later.

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it’s been a long time.

so, i’m not really consistent with the posting yet. not that i don’t mean to, it’s just that it’s been a busy time. women’s season, the new business (i’ll update you on that later) and trying to get some volunteer stuff going.

a couple of sundays ago i did blue and green eyeshadow, and lashes. while waiting for jon, i had an impromptu photoshoot in the car. what do you think?

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the great makeup challenge, part 2

sooooo, i did it. lol. it took about an hour, but i remixed the look that carol gave me yesterday. remixed not because i didn’t like it, but because i didn’t have the same exact colors she used. i know it’s hard to believe, out of all the makeup i have, but it’s true.

all my effort was for nothing though, lol, carol stood me up. well, not really nothing. i had a good time doing it, i loved the results, and i now know falsies are not my enemies, but my friends. my GOOD friends.

i took a pic, but like yesterday, it didn’t do the look any justice.

now that i’m not scared to put lashes on anymore, it’s about to be a wrap. dramatical (yes, i know that’s not a word) eyes ALL the time! 🙂

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the great makeup challenge

today was spa day @ the greater allen.  the event was held at acs, and the ladies of the committee transformed the space from a school to an actual spa. there were massages, facials, reflexology, mani/pedis, basically, the works.

i was excited because carol (the other ms. davis, and my sister from another mister)was there doing makeup. even though i’m on the committee, there was some down time, so i hung out with her, and let her paint my face.

her work, was beautiful, and we were just playing around. i don’t want to wash my face it looks so nice, the picture doesn’t even do it justice, clearly because i’ve been walking around like this all day, and i’m home with no lipgloss on, lol.

my main objective was for her to teach me how to put mac lashes on. every time i’ve tried to put them on, i get one eye perfectly, but that other one, it’s a doozy. picture me, standing in the bathroom mirror, nose nearly touching, leaning over the vanity, not quite getting it right. then, picture me on the third and fourth try, starting to sweat, concentration furrowing my brow, and my arms getting tired. it’s too much pressure. lol. needless to say,  it’s always easier to rip the other one off and keep it moving. not to mention, jon is usually ringing my phone at this point because he’s down the block, or even worse, in the driveway.

i told ya’ll that long, drawn out story to say. my challenge is to “recreate” the look, including the lashes.

clearly, i need to be up early. i learned better brows too. i am in need of some new makeup. yep, i’m in dire need of a shopping trip.  like the article in the daily news said, in a lifetime, a woman will spend over $13,000 on makeup…

i wanna see the receipts.

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