the great makeup challenge

today was spa day @ the greater allen.  the event was held at acs, and the ladies of the committee transformed the space from a school to an actual spa. there were massages, facials, reflexology, mani/pedis, basically, the works.

i was excited because carol (the other ms. davis, and my sister from another mister)was there doing makeup. even though i’m on the committee, there was some down time, so i hung out with her, and let her paint my face.

her work, was beautiful, and we were just playing around. i don’t want to wash my face it looks so nice, the picture doesn’t even do it justice, clearly because i’ve been walking around like this all day, and i’m home with no lipgloss on, lol.

my main objective was for her to teach me how to put mac lashes on. every time i’ve tried to put them on, i get one eye perfectly, but that other one, it’s a doozy. picture me, standing in the bathroom mirror, nose nearly touching, leaning over the vanity, not quite getting it right. then, picture me on the third and fourth try, starting to sweat, concentration furrowing my brow, and my arms getting tired. it’s too much pressure. lol. needless to say,  it’s always easier to rip the other one off and keep it moving. not to mention, jon is usually ringing my phone at this point because he’s down the block, or even worse, in the driveway.

i told ya’ll that long, drawn out story to say. my challenge is to “recreate” the look, including the lashes.

clearly, i need to be up early. i learned better brows too. i am in need of some new makeup. yep, i’m in dire need of a shopping trip.  like the article in the daily news said, in a lifetime, a woman will spend over $13,000 on makeup…

i wanna see the receipts.


About miss davis

working toward being a better me, living life, and loving that "anything can be." "and will you succeed? yes indeed, yes indeed! ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed." -seuss
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