the makeup bag

the other day, my boyfriend and i were in the car, and he was getting on me for carrying such a heavy handbag. i admit, i have had back problems in the past, and my bags tend to be on the “too heavy” end of the spectrum, which can contribute to the issue, and he is looking out for me, but i was annoyed. lol. he did also say that he didn’t want to be with a “broke down chick.” maybe that’s what rubbed me the wrong way. lol. anyway, after emptying my fabulous purple bag (as mentioned in the post, color junkie on my other blog, more than amazing) to show him that it’s actually kind of heavy with nothing in it. he took that opportunity to grab my overflowing makeup bag.

it’s my “everyday” makeup bag. i carry it daily, no matter how big or small my bag is, it always comes with me. jon bet me that i didn’t need or use half the stuff that was in there, and sad to say, he was right. this begs the question, what makeup do you need/use on a daily basis?

even though that night in the car a couple of weeks ago i said i would take the excess stuff out of the bag, i didn’t yet. i will now, while i do inventory.

in this lovely, little mac makeup bag, i have a foundation sponge, some tissue, 3 mascaras, 3 5 1/2 eye liners,  2 mac dazzleglasses, a lipglass, a lip lacquer, a lip liner, a nail file, tweezers, a mac paint, a nail clipper, an eyebrow brush, perfume, chapstick, eyedrops, neosporin, and a pencil sharpener. clearly, that’s waaaaay too much stuff in one little bag. but, i can’t even tell you how it got so full.

i have 3 mascaras because they all do different things, and i love dramatic lashes. one adds length, while the other is darker, while the other has shimmer. i really only need one. the other two will stay home.

i only need the black liner with me. the blue and purple are only used occasionally, so they’re out. two i never use, so they’re trash, and the 1/2 is just an old mac smolder that i refuse to trash. it’s sharpened up to the point where it says ‘smolder’ so, you can imagine how small it is. that’s not doing me any good…

of the lip stuff in the bag, the mac c-thru lipglass is essential to everyday life. the mac sugarrimmed dazzleglass is the accent to that. my kitty couture (hello kitty) dazzleglass and the fanplastico are good to add a little flair to plain black eyeliner. decisions, decisions. (yeah, they’re staying.)

the only thing that is odd man out is the mac paint. i think the color is structure. i can’t read it. the name is all rubbed off, but i know it makes the perfect nude eye shadow ever. it stays because though i rarely use it, when it’s gone, i’ll need it.

i think that’s the sentiment that got the bag to its overflow state. you never really need all of that stuff, but as soon as you leave it home, you find a use for it.

my new rule of thumb. one is enough of anything, unless it’s lip stuff. in that case, the more the smoochier. =o)


your (newly) clutter-free glam girl


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working toward being a better me, living life, and loving that "anything can be." "and will you succeed? yes indeed, yes indeed! ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed." -seuss
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